Shakti Devi

Shakti Devi

Name:     Shamna Devi Ma
Location:     Los Angeles, CA
Call:     (424)262-0937

Age:     30-39
Height:     5′ 7
Size:     34B
Ethnicity:     Caucasian
Service:     1 HR: $240

Prepare for a transformational journey. Touch is electric. Time collapses. Blissful sensation fills your entire body incense wafts through the air, warm oil flows over your skin, hypnotic music keeps the primal rhythms pulsing and the energy to a focus upon you.

As a student of Dr. Corynna Clarke from Temple of the Goddess in OC. I enjoy guiding souls in Tantra and self practiced Tantra for 3 years. Couples. Men and Women, all are WELL-COME.
I teach neo-Tantra secular and non-secular.
An EMAIL of your Experience, Desires, Questions and Location required! I will respond rapidly with offerings info.

Smooth Skin, Slender, Auburn, 34b2637 size 6, 133lbs, Conscious Eater/Yoga fit, Hazel Eyes, Warm Smile and a joy.
I have healing hands and love to share myself. Couples and women are encouraged and welcomed.

MALE: challenged by experience of pleasure, stamina or have performance, response/completion issues I offer a program that is drug and surgery free.
FEMALE: Amrita- having intense wetness. As well as, overcome numbness/fear/trauma be an expert on your partner.

Deposit with advance notice is requested and free follow-up with every session

You can expect: consciousness, awareness, integration, breath, sound, movement, intention, transformation, endless bliss, please leave all other expectations at the Temple door.

Holy Water Immersion-water anointing-All Sessions 220intro
Sacred Spot Male/Female-Initiation Sessions (90min-2h) 404
Goddess Worship/Guidance-Initiation Sessions (90m-2h)
Lingam Adoration-All Sessions 220intro
Ejaculation Choice-All Sessions [recommend Initiation Session](90min-2h)
Yoni to AMRITA Adoration-Initiation Sessions (90m-2h)
Tantric Touch-Magnetic Chakra Alignment*-All Sessions 220intro
Expanded Self practice*-All Sessions
Sacred Intimate-Advanced Sessions (3-4h) 707

Intro 240/220* about 45min
Initiation 444/4048 90m-2h
Advanced 777/707* 3-4h
Immersions 2222/1500* 24hrs
Skype2$per minute 150 in person coaching or skype
**screening** for reduced offerings

*It is requested that all be initiated into a personal tantra self practice. Advanced verified students exempted and extended sessions. Tantra is intense transformation and is not for all.

Many Blessings- 424 262 0YES(937)

Phone Sessions: YES via square all major credit cards accepted for deposit and sessions.
Incall Preferred:LA-woodland Hills
Outcall: OC/VNT-by request and with a Female Drive Miss Jackie.

TESTIMONIAL and then more about me:
“I really enjoyed talking with Delilah on the phone. she goes by several names, Delilah, Devi Ma and Divine….she is sweet no matter who you talk to she was so easy, friendly and accommodating. I made an appointment with her at the temple for the day I arrived in Phoenix. I arrived and was allowed to use the shower. I got out and waited as two other Goddesses chatted with me and commented on how I should not be left waiting and if Delilah wasnt ready, they would be happy to entertain me!!! but when I came into her room, seductively lit, draped with silk scarves and pillows and then I saw delilah….i was glad it was going to be just the two of us. VIPs read on….i would love to have her visit my home state so that i could enjoy her over and over again! Delilah is a sweet heart. She is a strong woman, knowing who she is and what she wants. She is a healer, and sits and chats with you about how you need to be healed. We chatted and chose the right music. we discussed her role in my healing and as we laid on her mattress talking, I could feel of her kind spirit and her sensual nature. she was robed in flowing silk scarves and barefoot and tinkling wrist jewelry. so bohemian so seductive. Her smile lights the room. she had me stand and began to undress me and put me on her alter. the room was seductively lit and Delilah was as accommodating and interesting as they come. Her sexy demeanor and her open attitude gave me great hope for the rest of the evening. she disrobed and left a little tinkling scarf wrapped around her ample hips. she is not a skinny stick, but a goddess. she began to massage me as i laid on my back. she walked slowly around the alter, as i breathed in her fragrance. she had me flip within five minutes and then began chanting and slipped her chanting lips over my manhood and provided a true bare back hummer chanting as she blew me! wow! in her mouth for the first pop! then to her exotic mattress and pilow lair on the floor. there we chatted about what my needs were and what hers were! i would love to see her in utah! “
may 16, 2012

More about me:
For me the Tantra practice is a way of life, a spiritual means of Oneness with the Divine and a sensual meditation practice.

I practice many high temple art forms of sacred sexuality. I am trained in tantra, chakra healing, Chumash and Okleuveha indian ceremonies and a Minister in the Universal Life Church.

My style is of a natural woman, laid back and yet energizing and a throw back from the 60’s, who seeks to deepen my practice of love and knows the strength of Integrity of my words.

I am a trained as a Shamana, communing with the wise counsel of animals, plants and Gaia (Mother Earth). I also hold a degree in Psychology and continue studies Institute of Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality.

I offer many unique ceremonies from Holy Water Immersion to guiding a new initiate into the sensual practice of Goddess Worship and Goddess Guidance. STAMINA solutions that have FIRM results.

I am trained in holistic health, nutrition & personal fitness (Pilates and yoga to name a few).

I am an honorary member of the Tongva Indian Tribe (indigenous to the Pacific coast) and have completed a stint as a docent for the UCLA Stunt Ranch Preserve (yes, I really do love animal spirits) and a member of the Okleuveha tribe, I am apprenticing as a pipe holder. I hold a Charter for the Church of the Green Goddess (raising 2500.00)

I hike, practice Tantra, Native Ceremonies, meditation and personal sacred sensual rites daily.

I am an eager student of life and as such, make a fine teacher for those with a genuine desire to know and understand Tantra, Shamanism, Energy Mastery and Goddess worship. You will laugh, be amazed and leave our encounter feeling renewed to create anything your heart and libido desire….