Meet Your Muse In Anaheim 11/14

Meet Your Muse In Anaheim 11/14

Thank you for your interest in spending some time with me. If you are seeking a companion who loves to laugh and you enjoy connecting through conversation of shared interests then I am the lady for you.

You will find me to be a delectable concoction of mystery, sensuality, and passion. My innovative wit and sharp intellect is sure to capture your mind as my warm demeanor will put you at ease when we meet. I have the visage of the girl-next-door that you had always dreamed of wanting to meet…to touch. I have the softest locks of real auburn hair that has never been dyed and it flows effortlessly to my hips. The smolder in my green eyes will draw you into the mysterious abyss that lies within. I possess alabaster skin that is free of tattoos and is so silky that you will find it difficult to pull away from at the end of our encounter. My curves are that of a real woman who relishes in providing you pleasure as I enjoy that of my own.
Anaheim, CA: 11/14
Please visit my website in order to schedule your escape from the mundane with me. I also accept P411 and Date-Check requests. 
Pre-booking is recommended since my availability is limited. Same day requests are nearly impossible for me to accommodate, but I will do my best.


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