Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin

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A lover of traveling, an inquisitive mind, a lady in a perpetual journey towards beauty, sensuality, fascination, and perhaps, wisdom.


If you are looking for elegance, class and beauty, all wrapped up in one incredible package, contacting me is the best option in town.


My name is Jessica Lin and I’m a luxury companion based in Los Angeles, but often found traveling. My heritage is of mixed Japanese ethnicity. My physique, however, is distinctively Asian with slanted eyes, fair skin and slim yet athletic figure.


Spending time together will be like merging different personality traits into one experience. I am naturally bubbly and curious, and I never bring any prejudgement into a new encounter. I openly share and smile – I believe connection isn’t always about productivity or goals, it’s simply about having a good time together. It’s just connection.




Jessica lin


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