Halo Grace

Halo Grace


There is something you cannot explain about me. There’s a mystique and intrigue you can’t ignore and find yourself wanting to dive into. My every movement encompasses passion and desire. My energy exudes such lust and arousal that you give into the moment and let the erotism take over into an unforgettable experience.

I have two major weaknesses, men and desserts. The thought of something sweet, whether it be one of the two, lights my face up. I hunger for touch and a man’s body. I delight in his shape, texture and potency. I trace, stroke, nibble… When I lust, it’s from the depths of my being. I am fluent in body language and am aroused by those who speak the same.

I get excited at just the thought of hearing from you. For a safe and enjoyable meeting, all appointments are subject to verification before our rendezvous. Your privacy, as well as my safety, is an absolute priority. If you can be so kind as to include two references in your initial email, I would greatly appreciate it. Allow me to fulfill your inner most desires.

1 hour  $800
90 minutes  $1100
2 hours  $1500
3 hours $2200