Phone: (408)214-9744
Email: d-2uycv1abbwyun@maildrop.cc

I am a sweet girl with a unique charm. I enjoy taking care of other people, making new friends, and spending quality time with a significant other. I am easy going and optimistic and looove being made to feel feminine. I would like to meet someone that can complement this.

I hope I get to meet soon!

Contact by Basic Plus 2 via P411 private messaging is preferred. Non-members, please be prepared to provide various information to complete a booking:
(1) Driver License or passport,
(2) Phone number where you would like us to reach you,
(3) Business card showing your full name, company email address, and office phone number,
(4) Contact details for two most recent providers’ references,
(5) TER username w/ White List 2.

—Please provide as much as possible.—

With love.


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