Amy Anderssen

Amy Anderssen

Phone: (917)708-0749

From the moment you gaze upon that petite and perfect form, the toffee-tanned skin, the intense azure eyes, the locks like spun sunshine… from the moment she smiles and white pearls between two luscious pink lips appear… from the moment you hear laughter like bells… you’re smitten. Star of adult screen and print, her enticing and bubbly personality shines through all. Amy can be as playful as a kitten, or as fiery as a tiger. A compassionate and inviting shoulder to rest your weary head upon while the distress of the day clears like a mist.

Amy is professional companionship is sought after by many and is won by only the most distinguished. Those who have risen to the pinnacle of society and who appreciate the finer gifts life has to offer. Whether it’s jetting across the continent to attend an A-List soiree, cheering your favorite team from a private box or simply relaxing in intimate conversation, champagne on ice, in front of a raging fire. With Amy by your side, you’ll feel you can conquer the world. Discretion is the better part of Amy. Your privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance. Amy keeps the number of companions she accepts to a minimum, because you deserve all the attention and safety that can be afforded.

You’re only concern should be red or white? You may choose to rendezvous with this goddess either at her stylishly appointed space, or at a location of your choosing. Amy can travel with you to any destination that your heart desires. Hot, steamy beaches or snow-topped chalets, you’ll find Amy’s presence heightens any experience. Please inquire about these special arrangements well in advance—her time is precious. Inquire by email or phone about exclusive, longer term arrangements. You may either reach Amy by email or, providing you do not call from a blocked number she may be reached at.


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